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At Eternesse Anti Aging Clinic we understand the value of keeping your skin healthy and long lastingly soft and beautiful and by using the latest techniques, cutting edge laser technology and trained, experienced Practitioners, we can ensure that your skin is given the Royal treatment.

For everything from wart, mole and skin tag removal; rosacea to birthmarks, hyper pigmentation and thread vein removal, Eternesse Anti Aging Clinic’s specialist teams are on hand to assess your skin problems and offer solutions. At your consultation, your clinician will discuss a structured skin treatment programme to optimize the health, condition and appearance of your skin.

Total Skin Care – Leave Your Skin Problems At The Door

Eternesse Anti Aging Clinic can now offer you a complete skin health check and laser skin treatments, to improve the health, condition Skin Care Clinic For Womenand appearance of your skin.

Our specialist Practitioners and Clinicians can assess the health of your skin and advise you on the best treatment programme. Often this will involve the use of lasers, which are quick and simple procedures, normally performed within 30 minutes.

In the hands of highly trained professionals, laser treatment is virtually pain free and they can be performed under a local anesthetic, if required.

At our specialist clinic, we can offer a range of laser skin treatments to solve most common skin conditions such as:

  • Cysts
  • Mole Removal
  • Port Wine stains
  • Wart Removal
  • Minor skin lesions
  • Facial Thread Veins
  • Post trauma Hyper pigmentation
  • Keratoses (flesh coloured brown or black wart like spots)
  • Melasma
  • Rosacea
  • Skin tags
  • Freckles
  • Wrinkle reduction/photo rejuvenation
  • Acne
  • Cafe-au-lait spots
  • This is in addition to laser hair removal and thread vein removal.

To start off with initial consultations and for an estimate on how much a Total Skin Therapy Session will cost, we recommend that you call the Eternesse Anti Aging Clinic on +022 6524 9627 for a free consultation.

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